Payroll and Social Insurance

Payroll-ServicesIt is advisable for all companies to outsource Payroll. The company can achieve the following by Payroll outsourcing:

  1. The current company employees have no access to Payrolls.
  2.  The accounts department ( if in the company’s premises ) knows only the monthly payments for all Payroll payments ( employee’s salaries, social insurance and PAYEE )
  3. Deliver payslip to employees based on the system we agree with Management
  4. Only the person in charge most of the times knows the detail amounts
  5. Keep all records for the auditors and produce all necessary documents for each employee every year

The service includes payroll preparation both on weekly and monthly basis. Our payroll department prepares the payroll on fully multicurrency computerized systems; simplify in that way the administration of your business.

Our payroll services can improve payroll management for your business. In addition to that we prepare every month the Social Insurance report payment and we proceed with the payment to the Social Insurance department as well as employee registrations, relieving you from the time consuming process